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The matches that are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month are typically setup on the practice range for ease of setup and take down and consist of 9 lanes, 2 targets per lane, and 2 shots per target for a 36 shot match. We typically include 1 standing and 1 kneeling lane with an average Troyer difficulty of 34.

Field target consist of three basic classes of shooting: PCP, Hunter and Piston
PCP - Precharged rifles, no limit scope.
Piston - Spring type rifle, no limit scope.
Hunter - PCP or Spring type rifle, 12X maximum scope with holdover only.
The Cajun Spring Classic National match is held in the spring of every year and will use 2 of our beatuiful courses in the woods.
Belle Terre course is the first on the right and has 15 lanes which we use for a 60 shot course.
Lagniappe course is behind the zero range and has 15 lanes which we use for a 60 shot course.
The Louisiana State Match is typically held on the Belle Terre course.
Below is a video link to the 2010 Cajun Spring Classic.

2010 Cajun Spring Classic

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