2017 Cajun Spring Classic Match Report

posted Apr 12, 2017, 9:47 AM by BayouAirgun Club

see below.

20170211 BAC Pistol Match Results

posted Feb 12, 2017, 7:52 PM by BayouAirgun Club

First off sorry I missed the matches today. I forgot to set an alarm last night and my other usual "alarm" slept late for once and when he finally woke up, I noticed it was after 8 which would have made it impossible for me to get there in time.  

Next up, results from the pistol matches. Sorry if you are getting this for a second time but it appears some folks aren't getting the emails as I know I didn't get Richard's original message.

Hello All,

Overcast skies and gusty winds straight in our faces were the order of the day for the pistol match.  Wayne's and Tammi's entire 10 meter racks were blown over once the targets were tacked down and acted as sails in the wind.  Reminder, this is an indoor Olympic sport.  We're the only ones crazy enough to do it outside!

In anticipation of the summer heat and as a trial run to keep us from frying in the afternoon sun, we shot both 10 Meter and Silhouette from the back posts, 8' behind where we normally shoot.  Consensus was that that position is much friendlier then hanging out in the sun to bake, and it gave us a nice, consistent light on our open sights by being in the shade.  Future matches will all be from that position.

We have 8 new Silhouette swinging targets that I had custom built by Quality Targets to replicate the exact dimensions of the racks that Dustin and the guys use with rifles.  I am donating these to the club, so we are no longer dependent on any other targets.  They are being stored in the clubhouse along with the 10 meter targets, so any one, at any time, can go out and practice either if you have a key (and some 10 meter targets).  This gives us a total of 7-10 Meter targets and 8 Silhouette swingers, so we can handle 15 shooters at a time.  One more 10 meter wooden frame would be nice, and the metal work for it is already there.  If anyone feels so inclined...

                              10 Meter          Silhouette       Total
Richard Harris           311                     31              342  
Wayne Smith             273                     12              285
Tammi Brown            169                       1              170

That 31 in Silhouette is a personal record for me, hitting 9 chickens, 9 pigs, and 9 rams, and I'm very thankful that I had two witnesses to verify it, and that Wayne suggested we paint the white animals orange right before the match for better visibility.  It sure helped me, thanks Wayne!

Wayne's "Ironing Board" made another appearance, and it sure seems to work well.  We'll have to get his blueprints.  

Tammi was hurting today but mounted a valiant effort and shot the whole match.  It is very apparent that she is hooked and hooked good, which by the way, most people who try it, are, hint... hint...  Carrying a pistol is so much easier than a rifle and all it's associated "stuff", and every bit as fun.  I think, more.  Tammi, we all hope you feel better and light up the course next time.

Many thanks to those who participated and helped with everything.

Since some folks are having trouble with the silhouettes (I swear Wayne, that chicken DOES NOT have an invisibility cloak, it's the turkey!), and everyone would like to improve their 10 Meter scores, I'm thinking about holding another "class" on the firing line to assist anyone in any way I can, and to hopefully coax people sitting on the fence about trying this to come out and give it a shot in a very non-judgmental way.  It would be wide open to whatever you want to go over, in particular showing you how to find your aim points in Silhouette.  If anyone would like to do this, please let me know, and we'll try to set a date that is convenient for everybody.

See Ya' Shootin',
Richard Harris

20170211 BAC FT Match

posted Feb 12, 2017, 7:33 PM by BayouAirgun Club   [ updated Feb 13, 2017, 3:59 PM ]

By Griff Crutti

Great turnout for the second match of the year with 15 participants, including first timers Kieth Lorio and his son Gerald. We’re glad you guys joined us, hope to see you next month!

We set up 10 lanes in Belle Terre for a 40 shot match, working around a large downed oak and some over-growth. Special thanks to Mike Doiron who worked clearing the course this week. Without his help we would have been shooting the sight-in range, for sure. Also, while I’m thanking folks, Wayne Smith and Jerry Tureau have done an amazing job cleaning and refurbing the clubhouse. I think we are close to moving back in hanks to the efforts of these guys, and a few others, I’m sure, whose names escape me at the moment…

Anyway, match conditions were cloudy, warm and a bit blustery, although the Belle Terre vegetation negated most of the wind issues, at least for us 20fpe guys.  Mike Doiron had no problem with the wind or the course, though, scoring a match-high 36/40. Nice job, Mike!



Richard Harris: 26/40 AA EV2 MK4, Sightron S3. AA 8.4

Frank: 26/40  AA FTP900, Sightron S3 10-50, JSB 8.4

Kevin McKlveen: 24/40, Marauder, Hawke 8-32, AA 10.3

Ron Gioe: 23/40, Benji Maximus, UTG 4-16, AA 10.3

Benny Lopoo: 17/24, Steyr L110, NS 10-50 JSBH*Shot partial course

Kieth Lorio: 10/24, FX Cyclone *Shot partial course

Gerald Lorio: 6/24, FX Cylone*Shot partial course



Rick McAllister:23/40, FWB70ZM, Nightforce 36x, AA 8.44


Hunter Piston:

Kenny Altazin: 26/40: TX200, Bushnell Trophy, JSB 8.4 (Good shootin’, Tidy Cat!)

Don Andries: 17/40: TX200, Airmax, JSB 8.4

Tami Brown: 7/40: Walther Terrus, Open sights, .22/15.43gr


Hunter PCP

Mike Doiron: 36/40, TM1000, S-TAC 2.5-17, JSBH

Griff Crutti: 33/40, TM1000, Weaver V16, AA 10.3

Larry Hebert: 31/40, AA S510, Hawke, JSB 10.3

Wayne Smith; 30/40, Daystate Regal, Hawke 8x32, CP10.5

20170211 BAC FT Match

20161210 FT Match

posted Dec 19, 2016, 7:38 PM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Dec 19, 2016, 7:38 PM ]

By Griff Crutti

Saturday morning’s 32 degree temp did not deter eight hardy shooters who arrived ready to face their metal adversaries despite frozen fingers and chattering teeth. I think everyone had a good time regardless of the cold, and I think we all learned some valuable insight about how our rifles and our bodies respond to these conditions. Most of us found that our point of impact dropped more than usual at longer ranges, but it really was a guessing game for most of these targets, depending on range, and our scores reflected it. Also, muscles tense from the cold do not hold and follow through the shot as fluidly they would in warmer temps, and that also had an effect on performance.


It was great to welcome several new shooters to the club! Thanks for coming out and shooting with us; we are glad you want to be a part of our community. Trust me, it’s even more fun when it’s not freezing! BTW, sorry again for the Abbot and Costello ‘who’s on first” routine I put everybody through trying to figure pairings by getting my Ron’s and Rick’s confused. I’m a slow learner, as Benny can attest, but I’ll get there…



Open PCP

Kevin: Marauder, Hawke 8-32, AA 10.3. (20/40)


Hunter Piston

Rick Thornhill: Diana Model 34, Vortex scope, 8.64 pellet (15/40) Really good shooting for a break barrel rifle in these conditions!

Tami Brown: Walther Terrus, open sights(!!) (6/40)

Kenny Altazin: Beeman R8, JSB 7.87. Kenny had a gremlin with either his scope or his rifle today. (0/0)


Hunter PCP

Griff Crutti: RAW TM1000, Weaver 4x16, JSB 10.3 (32/40)

Mike Doiron: RAW TM1000, Sightron S-TAC 2.5-17 (30/40)

Wayne Smith: Daystate Regal, CP 10.5 pellet (28/40)

Ron Gioe: Benjamin Maximus, UTG 4-16, AA 10.3 (16/40)


Merry Christmas and best wishes to all out BAC members! Hope everybody has a wonderful and safe holiday. Looking forward to an amazing 2017!!

20161112 FT Match

posted Nov 2, 2016, 11:41 AM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Dec 19, 2016, 7:47 PM ]

For those who missed the Match, we had a good turnout sixteen participants. The sun was shining on us and the temperature was in the upper 60’s when we started and mid 70’s by the finish. 
We had ten lanes set up on Belle Terre, one standing and one kneeling. Paul “dremel” Plauche and Mike Doiron set the course with a “little help from others”. Mike did such a good job painting the targets I thought we should make any face plate hit a minus 3 and a complete miss -1. But I was voted down. Everyone should write on their score card the kind of gun and model, scope and  power of scope, and brand of pellets and weight used.  

Now for the results: 

Breakbarrel: we had a tie and didn’t know it until now otherwise a shootoff would have occurred! 
1. Ron Gioe I have no Idea what gun or scope or pellets he used. 10/40 
1.1.   Kenny Altazin (Neophyte)Diana model? scope Hawke                         10/40 
2. Rick Thornhill Diana  Hawke                  8/40 

Kenny and Rick shot Rick’s gun and Rick adjusted a stock screw just before the match. He learned a very valuable lesson which I’m sure he won’t forget. Rick don’t feel like you are the only one to be  humbled by other people shooting your gun better than you. It’s happened to me and others before. Ron didn't  have a witness and I know he shot with Don Andries. Don Andries lost his score card or didn’t turn it in. But he was a winner! 

Spring Hunter  
1. Don Andries TX 200  

PCP Hunter Second Largest group of shooters 
1. Baylor Humphrey  no information 34/40 
2. Kingston Eversall Daystate Mk iv Hawke JSB         34/40 
3. Wayne Smith                 33/40 
4. Mike Doiron                 33/40 
5. Clayton Comeaux         30/40

1.Paul Dremel Plauche  Styre LG110 Sightron 10-60JSBL          36/40
Open PCP Largest group of shooters
1. Benny Lopoo  StyreLP110 NS 10-50 JSBH                                  36/40
2. Kevin McKlveen Crossman Marauder  32/40  
3.Jennifer Wylie  FWB P70FT Hawke 8-32 JSBH  28/40 
3. Frank Thomas AA  28/40 
5. Matt Gallant FX Cyclone Bushnell 8-32 JSBH  22/40 
6. Tammi Brown FWB P70FT Hawke 8-32JSBH  20/40 

Would like to thank all the participants for making the effort and hope everyone had a good time.

   We had three new shooter Tami Brown, Kenny Altazin, and Clayton Comeaux. Come back and shoot with us again. 
I promise in the next match the offhand will not be so difficult at least the short one. I think the long shot a face plate hit would put it down. There were a lot of hits on the score cards but only a few hits on the kill zone paddle. 
Hope we have as good a turnout for Dec. 10. Please put it in your calendar.

20161022 FT Match

posted Nov 1, 2016, 2:46 PM by BayouAirgun Club

First off, sorry it has taken me this long to send out the results. In my rush to finish my light show for Halloween, I misplaced the score sheets and just found them last night.

We had a beautiful day for shooting last weekend. Mike did a wonderful job fixing up the monthly match targets and even got fancy with some of the paint jobs. He even got a nice, big tote with wheels to store them all in.

We replaced the old spools we had for the targets with some new kite reels. These are now attached to the targets and we will not be taking them off after each match. They wind up very easy and pick up was quick when we were done. I also found putting them out was easy once we got everything attached.

So thanks again to everyone that came out and helped with getting everything setup. 

Open Class:
Jennifer 28/40
   Feinwerkbau P70
   Hawke 8-32 x 56
   JSB Diablo Heavy 10.3
Kevin 28/40
   Benjamin Marauder
   Hawke 8x32
   Crossman Premier 10.2
Rick Thornhill 16/40
   Dana Model 34
   Hawke 4x12
    Assorted pellets (Rick is still trying to figure out what is the best pellet for his gun so he was trying several different types)

Hunter Class:
Mike  37/40
Don  24/40
   Diablo Exact
Clayton (Mike's grandson)  23/40


posted Aug 25, 2016, 9:00 AM by Paul Plauche

Due to the recent flooding, BREC has evaluated the range and has repairs to do on both structures for safety.

To mitigate risk, we ask that all the members DO NOT USE THE RANGE until further notice.

We will try to provide updates weekly and hopefully we will be back up and running soon.

8/13/2016 BAC FT Match

posted Aug 8, 2016, 11:11 AM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Aug 8, 2016, 11:13 AM ]

700 setup, 830 start

10 lanes, 20 targets, 40 shots, 4 shots standing, 4 shots kneeling
The course will be setup around a Troyer 32 ish, but with a couple more targets in the 40+ yard range with full size kills.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

20160723 10M Pistol Match

posted Jul 19, 2016, 7:49 AM by BayouAirgun Club

Pistol Shooter,

Our first stand-alone pistol match is this Saturday, July 23rd at the range.  I'll be there for 8:00 am, match should begin no later then 8:30 am.  Remember to bring extra pistols if you have them in case newcomers show up and want to try it.  Standard match, 40 shots 10 meter, 40 shots silhouette.  I'll have the 10 shot special for 100 points there as well.  Spread the word, invite friends.

BTW, does anyone know of anyone with a S&W MP15-22?  

See  Ya' Shootin',
Richard Harris

20160709 FT Shoot and 10M Pistol Match

posted Jul 12, 2016, 9:33 AM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Jul 12, 2016, 9:41 AM by BayouAirgun Club ]

by Jennifer Wylie

Good morning everyone!


Thank you all again for coming out to Saturday's match. We had a great turnout once again with 15 shooters including a few new shooters. 


Turned out to be a typical July day for South Louisiana with temps in the mid-90s and lots of humidity. We also had some wind that really played tricks on us changing directions or even completely dying down. 

We had some great scores all around and some impressive ones from the new folks. Unfortunately I didn’t think to go write down what distances we placed the targets at to get a Troyer for the match but we did pull the targets in a couple of yards to make things a bit easier than our normal course layout.



Open Class

·         Benny                                    36/40    (Don’t worry, I checked his score card to make sure he didn’t put that eraser to use)

o   Steyr LG 100,   JSB H,   Nikko Stirling 10-50

·         Richard                                  34/40

o   AA EV2,   AA Field Pellets,   Sightron S3

·         Ron G.                                   31/40

o   Steyr LG 100,   JSB H,   WS 10-50

·         Jennifer                                 27/40

o   FWB P70 FT,   JSB 10.3,   Hawk 8-32 x  56

·         Kevin                                      24/40

o   Benjamin Marauder,   Crosman Premier Heavy,   Hawke 8-32 x 50

·         Frank                                      20/40

o   AA FTP 900,   Sightron S3 10-60,  JSB 8.4



·         Paul                                        36/40

o   Steyr 110,   Sightron S3 10-50, AA 8.4

·         Hayden                                  35/40

o   Steyr LG110,  Sightron S3 10-50, JSB 7.9

·         Rick                                        33/40             

o   FWB P70

·         Misty                                       30/40

                        o   AA MPR FT, Bushnell 8-32, AA 8.4



·         Kingston                                36/40

·         Mike                                        35/40

·         Griff                                        33/40

o   TX 200,   Bushnell 6x24,   JSB 8.4

·         Baylor                                     32/40

·         Don                                        15/40

o   TX 200



Unfortunately for the pistol match, Richard was the only one to shoot this weekend since everyone else had other obligations. If you are interested in pistol, please check you email as Richard did send out an email to get feedback about doing the pistol events on another weekend.


Richard shot a 24/40 in silhouette with a personal record of 8 turkeys.

He also shot a 306/400 in 10 meter.


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