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20140503 - Bayou Airgun Club Match Results

posted May 5, 2014, 9:12 AM by Paul Plauche
May 3, 2014 - Dr. Benny Lopoo

You should have been there!

As Ron 1 would say, “It was a beautiful spring day on the bayou.” We had five (5) brave shooters to make the match. Two were automatic winners since they were shooting in a classification by themselves. Three were in the PCP division and it was a closely contested match. 
Lane 2 was the standing lane and everyone was perfect except for Warren who missed the close target, but hit the far target. Ron 2 and Griff had already shot the standing lane and were perfect. I shot first in my group and  hit all the targets, but something was very strange about the far target. There was only one hole in the tape. I’m capable of  putting two pellets in the same hole, but I’m not so sure about Ron 2 and Griff. 
Lane 8 was the kneeing lane Ron 2 and Tony hit 3 of the four shots. The other three dogs were lucky to get 50%. I was dead on the targets but they moved as I squeezed off the shot. I demanded a redo, but was outvoted. I don’t seem to be as popular as I use to be.
The results were as listed
Springer and overall winner
Ron (2) Harlow TX 200 bushnell 8-32 Pellets?     total hits 31/36

Griff Crutti Daystate Huntsman ? ?  24/36
These two shot together; that won’t happen again. They couldn’t get the lanes straight didn’t tell what scope or pellets they were using, but they did mark the card correctly with X’s and O’s which is a great improvement. Makes you wonder about the scoring and I didn’t check their math? My bad.

The competition was fierce. It came down to the last shot. We had agreed before that on lane 4 if you hit the wire on the fence shooting at the 53 yd target, you get a redo. We shot lane 4 last. Well, I hit the wire twice and Warren and Tony (who were behind at the time) refused to admit that I hit the wire. There were 2 bright spots on the rusty wire where the pellets hit but they refused my request. Some people will do anything to win. Their excuse was that if the rabbit on the standing lane hadn’t jumped into the pellet I would have missed it also. 
Warren Landry  Daystate Mark 4 NS 10-50 JSBH 30/36
Benny Lopoo (cheated) Steyr LG 100 NS 10-50 JSBH 30/36
Tony Lightfoot USFT NS 10-50 JSBH 29/36

We all had a good time and wished we had a little more company. No telling how good Ron 2 would have shot with a little competition. Griff that is not meant as a put down, you did very well shooting hunter class,and you might have done better with a little competition.
This was the first time I’ve seen Warren at a match since the Canjun Nationals two years ago, and the last time I saw Tony at a match I had hair on the top of my head. There are a lot of old friends and new ones I would like to see next month. 
The next match will take place on Belle Terre first 9 lanes. Hope to see you June 7!