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20140607 - Bayou Airgun Club FT Match Results

posted Jun 9, 2014, 7:25 PM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Jun 9, 2014, 7:35 PM ]

From: Benny Lopoo

Date: June 7, 2014 at 9:43:22 PM CD

To: All BAC club Members

Subject: results of FT Match sat June 7, 20014

 It was a really nice summer day on the range today. We had 12 shooters today which is the most we have had in a long time. The new shooters were Jonathan Perkins and his son Joshie, from the Naval Sea Cadet Corps we had Sean Murphy, Kristian Payne, Monkeyboy Harris. Im sorry if I spelled your name wrong or missed you name completely, because all I had to go by was the score cards and you boys need to learn to write so someone else can read your printing. I use to be a pharmacist and read very poor handwriting pretty good. Harris Im going to apologize for the first name, but thats all I had. Jonathan and Joshie shot on the range because the mosquitos were so bad in the woods. The mosquitos were so bad that I think next month we are going to shoot on the range. We divided the Naval Sea Cadets and forced them to shoot with the members. The squads were Benny Lopoo and Matt Gallant, he didnt know what it meant to be in the barrel. Now he does. Paul shot with K. Paul. Greg shot with Monkeyboy Harris and Sean Murphy. The results is what you all are waiting for so I’ll tell you how it went down in my opinion.

 Spring Hunter:

1. Ron Harlow picked this class because there was no one for him to compete. He likes to win easy. TX 200 Bush. 8x32 JSBL                                          28/36

Very good but not as good as last month. But the course was much harder this month.

 PCP hunter:

Contested by the not so famous Will Thibaut and soon to be infamous Griff Crutti. It was a very close match. But I dont remember what “P” was for on your scorecards. Could that have been for payoff. I know that Ron 1 and Jack use to trade

5 dollars for “Xs rather than Os”. There was only one P on Will’s card, and one on Griffs card but a lot of corrections on

Griffs card. A 2 became a 4 and a 2 became a 3. Were you boys smoking some of those funny cigarettes and I sure it was to keep the Mosquitos away.

 1. Griff Crutti Daystate Regal SwfA 3x15 JSBH       33/36

  2. Will Thibaut Daystate Huntman Hawke 12X S.W 30/36

 Griff that was the best score shot today and that makes me wonder more about the funny math and those mysteriouP’s”. Good shooting!


PCP division was where the competition was today. There were 7 competitors in the beginning and only 6 in the end. More about that later.

1. Paul Plauche AA MPR FT Sightron 10-50x 60 air arms 7.9 pellets           31/36

There was no monkey business on his card and it was properly signed and witnessed

2. Sean Murphy USFT Leu. comp 40 JSBH                               28/36

His card was not signed but it was witnessed. That was some very good shooting inspite of Gregs help.

3. The one and only Benny Lopoo and not so good shooting Theoben NS 10-50 JSBH 26/36

card signed and witnessed with no strange scoring. But I did shoot good on the Golf Course 2 over par.

4. Matt Gallant (poor kid that was in the barrel today) Theoben NS 10-50 JSBH 25/36 He was going to beat me on the last lane so I introduced him to the accidental bump just as he was squeezing the        last shot. Too bad Matt. better luck next time.

5. MB Harris USFT Leu. comp 40 JSBH                                   18/36

I can’t say I blame monkey boy for not signing his score card, Just kidding. Im sure next time it will be different you will be kicking my bum bag in the dirt. The first time I shot a match I would have been happy with 18. Some say I would be happy with 18 today if I didnt have an eraser on my pencil.

6. K. Payne AA MPR FT sightron 10-50x60 AA 7.9                       17/36 I really dont understand how Paul shot so well

and He obviously didnt help you very much. Maybe you were in        the barrel also.

7. Greg Blair USFT Leu. comp 40JSBH                                   DNF       His weak excuse was that with three in his squad

it would have taken too long. There was three in the hunter         class. and they were the last out of the woods. For some

strange reason Gregs score card has disappeared. Maybe he doesnt want us to know how he was shooting today?

 I want to thank everyone for the help and I hope everyone had a good time and hope to see you at the next match. Harris

Im really sorry about the monkey boy stuff, but I really didnt have your first name and I really love your email address.