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20140712 - Bayou Airgun Club FT Match Results

posted Jul 14, 2014, 6:33 AM by Paul Plauche

From: Benny Lopoo 
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2014 5:03 PM

Sat. we had 6 shooters and one spectator. Frank Thomas drove his bike up from Franklin to see what we do. He would not shoot the match with us, but he hung around and I twisted his arm and then his leg before he would shoot my Theoben, FX, and Griff’s Daystate. I wanted to make sure the hook was set before I let him leave. I think we’ll see him again, I certainly hope so. We had one neophyte shooter to join us Jennifer Wylie with a new gun and she didn’t get much help from Paul. What did she expect.

We had a very small safety review from me, Paul said an excellent Prayer, and we got started about 9:15. We had three squads and Doug. Doug shot off hand on all the targets by himself to get his numbers on his scope.


1. Paul Plauche ( no surprise there)  AA MPR FT  Sightron 10-50 AA 8.4 pellets  .177    32/36

2. Matt Gallant ( young Punk, No respect for his elders) FX Cyclone Bush 8-32 JSBH     21/36

3. Benny Lopoo (I am suffering from LOFT) Theoben Rapid NS 10-50  JSBH                  19/36    

4. Jennifer Wylie (she was shooting with Paul that explains everything) Crossman Marauder .177 7.3 JSB Hawke 8/32 (her windage was off the first 4 lanes)                                      7/36

Matt shot with me and was very nice for a short while and then got real nasty and started hitting most of the targets.Good to have you back Matt. I saving my good moves until I’m shooting better. In golf it is called sandbagging. For those of you that don’t play golf LOFT stands for lack of f---king talent. But the sun and sweat was in my eyes really! Jennifer had problems with her scope and Paul wasn’t much help as usual.

Hunter PCP

We had a tie, at least that’s their story and they stuck it on the paper. Probably a lot of brother- in- law going on. I’ll give you that one if you give me the next one.We really shouldn’t let those two shoot together. 

Griff Crutti  Daystate Regal SWFA 3-15 JSBH (he was really on when he shot the off hand lane 0/4)The only lane I shot better than him no wonder          27/36

 I picked that lane to give him grief.

Bill Liebke  Daystate MK 4 MTC viper 4-16 JSBL ( I can’t think of anything bad to say about him, that makes me laugh) He is repairing our targets, therefore he’s a wonderful, thoughtful, and useable peon. He shot a personal best.                        27/36


Off hand


Doug Singer Daystate MK 3 scope? JSB 16gn  Since he scored himself there could be no mistake    ;-)                                                                                                                                                              19/36

 We had a good time and missed some old friends that could have been shooting with us, but next month maybe they will come out and grace us with their presence. I certainly hope so! The cub scouts will be using the range Sat. Aug 2 and we will shoot Aug 9. Please mark your calendars and plan on being with us.