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20140809 BAC Field Target Match Results

posted Aug 9, 2014, 12:21 PM by Paul Plauche
We had a good shoot at the Bayou Airgun Club today. The weather was HOT and HUMID as we could ring our shirts out at the end of the shoot. We had an occasional breeze at the beginning to keep us from having a heat stroke, but nonetheless we had a good time. 

Besides the regular’s (Griff and I) Ron Harlow was back and hadn’t shot in 2 months. Kingston was there after recovering from his ailments earlier this year. Our newest member Frank was there with his very first airgun… An AA FTP900 with a Sightron!!!! Wow, my first airgun was a Crosman 760.. Go figure. After ribbing him about starting off with such nice equipment, Ron H asked, “what was your first car?” which came with the following reply, “ A 68 Corvette” After that, we shut up and grabbed our red ryder’s and went to plinking.. LOL

We did help him get setup as he didn’t have the male foster fitting for his fill adaptor, but he had enough air to get him through some sight in shots. After he took 10 or so shots, he got up from the bench and I captured this ear to ear grin in the attached photo.

We all took a round with it and quickly ran away from him before being more tempted to buy one. That is one nice gun!

We shot 9 lanes, 4 shots per lane for a total of 36 shots, with a base Troyer of 31 and adjusted Troyer of 34. Lane 2 was standing, and lane 8 was kneeling.

Paul Plauche        36/36

*** Hunter PCP
Kingston Eversall   32/36
Griff Crutti        25/36

*** Springer
Ron Harlow          31/36

We also had a new shooter who was probably around 8 yr's old, who shot with Griff initially, but had almost 50% killzone hits, the rest were faceplate hits on 4 lanes. We look forward to seeing this guy develop. Wow!

Everyone shot really well considering the heat, humidity, and being out for a while. More importantly, it was nice seeing everyone there and we enjoyed the comradery!
Paul Plauche,
Aug 9, 2014, 12:21 PM
Paul Plauche,
Aug 9, 2014, 12:21 PM