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20150307 FT Match Results

posted Mar 11, 2015, 2:56 PM by BayouAirgun Club
It was a beautiful morning with temp's starting off around high 30's and finishing off in the high 50's by lunch. The wind was always moving between 5-10 mph to create a challenge on far targets since the foilage hasn't come in yet.

We had a new person show up who had a great time and wanted to use his Gamo to see how the game went. Everytime he tried one of our guns, he did great. Just need to hook him on new equipment ;-)

We setup in the woods for the first 10 lanes with 1 kneeling and 1 standing lane. I also set a few targets a little further to challenge the hunter guys because I'm evil like that ;-) It was a lot of fun. 40 shots total

Paul Plauche' WFTF 38/40
Frank Thomas WFTF 33/40 (Frank was on fire this match)
Griff Crutti Hunter 29/40
Larry Hebert Hunter 8/40
Ron Harlow Springer 26/40