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20150514 BAC FT Match

posted May 10, 2016, 12:45 PM by Paul Plauche   [ updated May 16, 2016, 8:01 PM ]

May 14th, 2016

We had a great day at Bayou Airgun Club shooting our monthly match. Many of us wish we could have been at the TV120 being held in Tennessee this weekend, but had to settle for our monthly match for varying reasons.

The weather started in the mid 60’s warming to lower 80’s  by noon. Winds were mild, but enough to make the WFTF shooters think about the long shots in the field. The course was probably setup around a 30 troyer as we tried to make it a little easier for everyone’s enjoyment. However, there was a SNAFU during setup and the kneeling lane had the NEAR target at 35 yards, and the FAR target at 51 yards :-O You could have sharpened pencils with a few of our bums ;-)

Since the mosquito’s usually outweigh us by this time of year, we generally shoot in the field until fall. However, the cooler weather suppressed them enough that we setup 4 lanes in the woods.

We had a few issues with some of the targets, as a result of the drowning they suffered during Cajun’s. We are working through the batches to clean up and correct and the ones we shot today haven’t been touched. Accordingly, we had to give some here or there and it ended up 14 lanes with a 54 shot total.

Regardless, Benny was in full form and we were all cutting up. We haven’t had that much banter in a while. It truly was a great shoot. Frank was dialed in before starting, but Benny burnt him out through the match. Griff was rocking his springer combo despite his gun locking up mid match while being loaded! He also brought his son Michael which is a treat. I Love when people bring their kids.

We had a lot of old faces show up with Ron Harlow trying out his new/old springer. Kingston showed up throwind down the gauntlet in Hunter class! Larry brought his usual jovial attitude and great smile. Mike D is new this year and is really catching on quick, we need to quit giving him suggestions.

We also had some new guys showing up Carl bring that Bayou boy charm an excellent shooting skills. Kevin M is getting the hang of it and has got the bug! I expect to see him with a PCP next time ;-)


Results as follows.


Benny Lopoo        46/54

Frank Thomas      39/54

Matt Gallant         34/44 DNF

SPRINGER (mixed)

Griff Crutti             38/48

Ron Harlow           29/54

Kevin McKlveen    21/54



Kingston Eversull   47/54

Mike Doiron           42/54

Larry Hebert           42/54

Carl Rodenburg      41/54

Wayne Smith         33/54

Michael Crutti        30/54



Paul Plauche          51/54

Rick McAllister      48/54