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20150608 BAC FT Shoot

posted Jun 8, 2015, 8:54 AM by BayouAirgun Club   [ updated Jun 8, 2015, 9:24 AM ]

June 6,2015 - by Benny Lopoo

                We had one of the largest turnout of shooters in months. We had 8 brave souls to show up to put the critters down and they really did just that. We had a couple of shooters we have not seen in a while because of illness and distance. Frank Thomas was back from a Motorcycle accident and Bill Liebke has returned from Fla. to La. for the summer. Paul was in charge and did and excellent job setting up the course for a 48 shot match. I think everybody had a good time and enjoyed the match in spite of me. There were two new shooting irons, Griff has a RAW HM 100 with really nice grain in the stock and for course Bill Liebke had a Cricket .177 Bullpup. Bill got Bubbie’s subscription to gun of the month club. We started at 9 and finished around 11:30. We shot in teams of two: Paul and Benny, Frank and Jennifer, Griff and Bill, and Wayne and Larry. There was a challenge given at the start that the two Styers would take on the rest of the field, but it obviously fell on deaf ears. I thought  it would add a lot of pressure on Paul to carry me, but it didn’t seem to help me very much. He shot just like he always does, very accurately.

(Overall Troyer rating was a 34, 75deg start - 85 deg finish shifting winds from North, East, and West. Interesting wind reads)

Results are as follows:


1.        Paul Plauche Styer LG 110 Sightron 10-50                                45/48

Mind you he was shooting with me!


Open PCP

1.        Benny Lopoo Styer LG 100 NS10-50 JSBH                                 39/48

2.        Jennifer Wylie FWB P70FT Hawke 8-32 JSBH                             26/48

3.        Frank Thomas AA FTP 900 JSBL Sightron 10-50                         19/44

      (Since Frank couldn’t use his left arm, he was not required to shoot offhand)He also couldn’t fill his rifle with air because he had a bad “O” ring on his filler probe. He was at a real disadvantage and we took full advantage of it.

                We had a real contest in the Hunter class!



1.        Wayne Smith Daystate Regale XL Hawke 8-32 CPH                     39/48

2.          Griff Crutti RAWHM100 JSBH SWFA 3-15                                  38/44

3.          Bill Liebke Cricket .177 Millett 4-16 AAH                                    28/44

4.          Larry Hebert AAS510X CPH 4-12? Hawke maybe                       28/48

Griff didn’t seem to get his act together today. He was given several jobs which he did in a slip shod fashion and it carried over into his shooting and not shooting the last lane.

Bill took the tape with the numbers for the range off his scope half way through the match, and said it didn’t hurt his shooting at all. You just have to know Bill.

            I’m sorry you missed the match but there will be another Match on the 20th if we get enough interest. We missed you and hope you will come out next time.

20150606 BAC match