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20150620 BAC FT Shoot

posted Jun 22, 2015, 7:30 AM by BayouAirgun Club   [ updated Jun 22, 2015, 7:52 AM ]

By Griff Crutti

Another humid, warm and somewhat breezy Louisiana Saturday morning greeted 8 shooters for today's match. With several large trees still down and un cleared on the course of fire, club target sadist Paul Plauche set up a challenging 12 lane match with several elevated targets among the debris and a couple of long range teeth-gnashers that had decidedly short range kz's.

My 14 year old son Holden shot his first match with dad's Mk4 and acquitted himself pretty well for a newbie. Other issues of note among our competitors:

Frank is still recovering from a broken collarbone resulting from a motorcycle accident and struggled with his heavy FTP900, especially on the forced position lanes. Larry Hebert discovered that the power wheel on his new AA S510 can be inadvertently moved, resulting in a rather significant POI shift during a match. Ron is shooting a new FTP900 also and is still working through the rifle-fit adjustments. He has been a lights out shooter with his TX in years past, so look out when he finds the sweet spot. Benny had to depart with 2 lanes to go to make a tee time. I see from his score card that the far targets were not kind to him; hopefully his driver is treating him better today than did his Steyr. As for myself, the usual train wreck on kneeling and standing, and one very poor seated lane, but at least I managed to shoot all the lanes, unlike last time when I somehow missed one.
Paul shot a very un Paul-like 42/48 but still smoked the rest of us as usual. We're looking for Ron to give him some competition soon.

Benny Lopoo, 27/48 ( shot 10 of 12 lanes) Steyer L100, NS10-50, JSBH
Frank (forgive me Frank, going blank on your last name) 24/48, AA FTP900, Sightron

Paul Plauche 42/48, Steyr LG110 (I think, looks like a space gun, lots of appendages) Sightron, AA lights
Ron Harlow 24/48, AA FTP900, Bushnell 8-32, AA Lights

Griff Crutti 38/48, RAW HM1000, SWFA 3-15, JSBH
Wayne Smith 25/48, Daystate Regal, Hawke 8-32, CPH
Larry Hebert 24/48, AA S510, Leapers 4-16, CPH
Holden Crutti 10/48 and 30 face plate dingers.

Notes by Paul:

The course Troyer was a 36 before taking into account the wind. While the wind wasn't howling it shifted back and fourth worse than Benny's memory at his old age ;-) Was very challenging.

Griff redeemed his last match director's performance by putting together a great match and a FANTASTIC report! Great job Griff!