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20150725 BAC FT Shoot

posted Jul 20, 2015, 1:53 PM by BayouAirgun Club   [ updated Jul 27, 2015, 11:59 AM ]

By Griff Crutti

Only 4 hardy souls showed up for the match Saturday, but we had a great time regardless. We shot a 13 lane match that might have been the result of Benny miscounting his usual 9 lane section (Before Paul adds his 3 “special” long range lanes). I’m just glad I didn’t make that mistake, or I would never have heard the end of it.

The wind was tricky, circling around the course, trying to trip up Paul and his 12 ft lb rifle, but no so luck, he shot a sparkling 50/52. Benny tallied 42 kills before leaving the last lane for what I understand was a doctor’s appointment, probably for a goiter, a bunion or some other kind of elderly person’s ailment, but I digress.

That left Bill Liebke and me to battle it out in hunter class. We each tallied a 42/52 and settled the matter with a 50yd shoot off.

Looking forward to our next meeting on 8/11 with a big showing. See you then.



Benny Lopoo:   42/48 (52), Steyr LG100, NS 10-50, CPH


Paul Plauche:   50/52 Steyr LG110, Sightron 10-50, AA 8.4


Griff Crutti:       42/52 RAW HM1000, SWFA 3-15, JSBH (shootoff)

Bill Leibke:        42/52 RAW TM1000, Sightron 10-50, JSBH

(additional info)

Per, the winds were 5-10 mph shifting from WNW to NE.

Temps started at 82 finished at 92

Course Troyer was  34.4 without wind. With wind factor added to targets past 40 yards, Troyer went to 38.8!