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20150808 FT Shoot

posted Jul 13, 2015, 12:49 PM by BayouAirgun Club   [ updated Aug 12, 2015, 11:54 AM by Paul Plauche ]

August 8th FT Shoot by Griff Crutti

Six shooters competed in today's match including Mike Doiron who shot his first match ever using a borrowed Daystate MK4 from Bill and did great.

Humidity was down today, but was pushed out by some pretty strong gusts of wind. As usual our practice range set up tends to create a circling effect for the breeze, making it quite challenging to compensate on long targets. But that's what makes it fun.

Best of luck to our own Paul Plauche who is traveling to Lithuania next weekend for the world championships. I know he will do us proud, but just in case we told him if he had a bad showing to say he is from Texas.

Paul Plauche 44/48 Steyr LG110, Sightron 10-50, AA 8.44

Dr. Benny Lopoo 21/36 (DNF*) LG100, NS 10-50, CPH


Griff Crutti     39/48 RAW HM1000, SWFA 3x15, JSBH
Wayne Smith  30/48, Daystate Regal, Hawke 8x32, CPH
Bill Leibke      27/48 Cricket, Sightron 10-50, JSB 8.44
Mike Dorion    18/48, Daystate Mk4, MTC Viper 4-16, JSBH

*Giving some consideration to replacing the acronym *DNF* with *LETPG* (left early to play golf)

Course conditions below.

The temperatures from 82 at match start to 92 deg.

The winds were absolutely nuts for the middle of summer with the average being 10 mph at the beginning peaking to 15 at one point. Combine this with an open course layout and lots of far targets and things got tough. See the pics below.

See this pic of a 20x50' flag when we left the range :-O

35 Troyer before wind and 39 with wind.