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20150905 BAC FT Shoot

posted Sep 9, 2015, 11:45 AM by Paul Plauche

By Griff Crutti

Small turnout this past Saturday, so the report will be brief…


Jennifer, Frank, Matt and myself did our best to fend off the hordes of critters roaming the course. Warm, but very little wind gave us a fair chance to get them before they got us.


Open PCP

Jennifer 15/36



Frank 17/36


Hunter PCP

Griff 32/36

Matt 30/36


Matt and I shared my RAW and after a couple of lanes getting used to it he shot lights out. He would have beat me if I hadn’t been smart enough to keep it to a 36 shot course. Best part of the day: Frank threw me the keys to his new Corvette and let me take it for a spin! Awesome, awesome car.


Folks, the weather is getting nicer, and we need better turnouts for our matches. We have some great shooters in our area; please come out and support the club when you can. Thanks!