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20151114 BAC Fun Shoot

posted Dec 7, 2015, 6:39 AM by BayouAirgun Club   [ updated Dec 7, 2015, 7:04 AM ]
By Ken Green

Today was the 1st field target match where I was the match director and actually decided the set up for the targets. It was a 40 shot match with a silhouette twist. There were 6 lanes with the normal knock down targets and 4 lanes with the resettable air rifle silhouette targets.  Normally, the air rifle silhouette targets are set with the chickens at 20 yards, the pigs at 30 yards, the turkeys at 36 yards and the rams at 45 yards. For today’s match, I put the rams at 20 yards, the pigs and turkeys at their respective distance and the chickens at 45 yards.  The chickens gave all of the shooters a tough time. I think that this proved to be the toughest target of the day. The rams at 20 yards were shot offhand standing and the pigs at 30 yards could be shot either kneeling or standing. The other 8 lanes were shot from the shooter’s normal field target position.
Due to the low number of replies that I received for people there were willing to show up, I expected maybe 4 or 5 shooters at the most.  There were 9 shooters that showed up this morning.  A short shooter’s meeting was held at8:45am and the match started at approx. 9am. The morning started out with cooler temperatures in the low 60s. The temperature slowly warmed up and we were really blessed with a beautiful cool sunny day. It was almost a perfect day to shoot a field target match except for the wind.  The wind did not cooperate at all. With some wind flags set out, we could see the wind switching directions. At times, the flags would be standing straight out to the side. It would be blowing from the left at 15 to 20 yards but at the same time blowing from the right at the 40 to 50 yard targets.
Out of the 9 shooters, we had 2 master class silhouette shooters show up and shot the whole match standing off hand. I provided them with the distances for the targets, because they would not have the yardage markings for field target.  We had 4 in the race for hunter class, 2 for offhand silhouette, 1 for open class, 1 for wftf class, and 1 for piston class.
Hunter class:
Ken Green   35/40   RAW HM/TM1000 with a Hector Special Sightron
Wayne Smith  33/40  Daystate Regal with a Hawke 8-32
Larry Hebert  27/ 40  Air Arms S-510 with a Hawke 8-32
Bill Liebke  26/40  RAW TM1000 with a 10-50X60 Sightron
Offhand class:
Joe DuBoulay  28/40  Walther Dominator with a Bushnell Elite 4200 8-32
Dustin Flint   23/40  Walther Dominator with a Bushnell Elite 4200 8-32
Open Class:  Frank Thomas  26/40  Air Arms FTP900 with a 10-50X60 Sightron
WFTF class: Richard Harris  17/40  Air Arms EV2 with a Bushnell Elite 4200  
Don Andries (piston) DNF. He was called by a higher power to go baby sit and only managed to shoot 2 lanes.
I want to think everyone for the help they gave in setting up and taking down today’s match.  The match seemed to be well received and enjoyed by all shooters.  The wind was the biggest compliant of the day.
We all missed Paul, Griff, Jennifer and last but not least Benny. Benny we wish you a speedy recovery so you can get back to the matches to aggravate everyone.  

-Ken Green