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20160409 BAC FT Match report

posted Apr 11, 2016, 7:55 AM by Paul Plauche
By Jennifer Wylie

We had a wonderful turn out today. 13 people shot today including 2 new shooters. Carl Rodenburg was just going to watch until Griff offered let Carl shoot with him and his son Mike. Kevin McKlveen had his break barrel Dana 34 with him but wasn't going to shoot but we convinced him to join us anyway. They both said they had a wonderful time and plan on coming back.

It was a beautiful day with temps in the low 60s to start and no wind to speak of. Benny was back for his first match in a while so he had to put us all in our places and show the critters what they were missing while he was away.

Big thanks to Richard for bringing out his silhouette pistol and 10 meter stuff and showing a few of us how pistol is done. My husband, Doug, is really looking for a pistol now because you got him all excited about 10 meter shooting. Carl stayed and broke out his Feinwerkbau P11 pistol to shoot a little with us.

We had two way ties in both hunter and open for top shooter with a 30/36 from all 4 shooters!

Hunter Class
     Larry H.   26/36
     Mike D  30/36
     Ken G  29/36
     Mike Crutti 19/36
     Griff C  30/36
     Carl R  9/36  **first match

Open Class
     Jennifer W  25/36
     Matt G    29/36
     Benny L  27/36
     Richard H  30/36
     Frank T  20/36

WFTF Class
     Rick M  30/36

Break barrel
      Kevin M   11/36  **first match