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20160611 FT Shoot

posted Jun 13, 2016, 9:04 AM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Jun 13, 2016, 9:06 AM by BayouAirgun Club ]

By Griff Crutti

Just a tremendous turnout for this month’s match: 17 total shooters participated, the most I can remember in my 5 years with the club. In addition, long time member Richard Harris has begun hosting a pistol 10 meter and silhouette match after the field target match, so we have something for everyone. It’s really an exciting time to be a member of Bayou Airgun Club!

This morning’s match reminded everyone that the Louisiana summer has definitely arrived, with very little breeze to relieve the humidity, but shade from the oaks kept it tolerable. We shot a 36 point match,  9 lane/2 targets per lane, with one 50 yard 1” KZ bonus target worth 2 points. Congratulations to all our class winners:



Kingston, Daystate Mk4, 32

Larry, AA510 29+2 pt bonus, 31

Wayne Smith, Daystate Regal, 27+2 point bonus, 29

Mike Doiron, TM1000, 29

Carl, Daystate Huntsman, 23

Griff Crutti, HM1000, 22

Michael Crutti, Daystate Mk4, 15


Springer (Combined):

Ron Harlow, TX200 Mk2, 25+2 point bonus, 27

Don Andries, TX200, 16



Benny Lopoo, Steyr LG100: 28+2 point bonus, 30

Richard Harris, AA EV2, 28

Stacy McKlveen, Marauder, 26

Frank, AA 910, 24

Jennifer Wylie, FWB P70FT, 22

Kevin McKlveen, Marauder, 17+2 point bonus, 19



Paul Plauche, 35

Misty Plauche, 25+2 point bonus, 27