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20160709 FT Shoot and 10M Pistol Match

posted Jul 12, 2016, 9:33 AM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Jul 12, 2016, 9:41 AM by BayouAirgun Club ]
by Jennifer Wylie

Good morning everyone!


Thank you all again for coming out to Saturday's match. We had a great turnout once again with 15 shooters including a few new shooters. 


Turned out to be a typical July day for South Louisiana with temps in the mid-90s and lots of humidity. We also had some wind that really played tricks on us changing directions or even completely dying down. 

We had some great scores all around and some impressive ones from the new folks. Unfortunately I didn’t think to go write down what distances we placed the targets at to get a Troyer for the match but we did pull the targets in a couple of yards to make things a bit easier than our normal course layout.



Open Class

·         Benny                                    36/40    (Don’t worry, I checked his score card to make sure he didn’t put that eraser to use)

o   Steyr LG 100,   JSB H,   Nikko Stirling 10-50

·         Richard                                  34/40

o   AA EV2,   AA Field Pellets,   Sightron S3

·         Ron G.                                   31/40

o   Steyr LG 100,   JSB H,   WS 10-50

·         Jennifer                                 27/40

o   FWB P70 FT,   JSB 10.3,   Hawk 8-32 x  56

·         Kevin                                      24/40

o   Benjamin Marauder,   Crosman Premier Heavy,   Hawke 8-32 x 50

·         Frank                                      20/40

o   AA FTP 900,   Sightron S3 10-60,  JSB 8.4



·         Paul                                        36/40

o   Steyr 110,   Sightron S3 10-50, AA 8.4

·         Hayden                                  35/40

o   Steyr LG110,  Sightron S3 10-50, JSB 7.9

·         Rick                                        33/40             

o   FWB P70

·         Misty                                       30/40

                        o   AA MPR FT, Bushnell 8-32, AA 8.4



·         Kingston                                36/40

·         Mike                                        35/40

·         Griff                                        33/40

o   TX 200,   Bushnell 6x24,   JSB 8.4

·         Baylor                                     32/40

·         Don                                        15/40

o   TX 200



Unfortunately for the pistol match, Richard was the only one to shoot this weekend since everyone else had other obligations. If you are interested in pistol, please check you email as Richard did send out an email to get feedback about doing the pistol events on another weekend.


Richard shot a 24/40 in silhouette with a personal record of 8 turkeys.

He also shot a 306/400 in 10 meter.