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20161022 FT Match

posted Nov 1, 2016, 2:46 PM by BayouAirgun Club
First off, sorry it has taken me this long to send out the results. In my rush to finish my light show for Halloween, I misplaced the score sheets and just found them last night.

We had a beautiful day for shooting last weekend. Mike did a wonderful job fixing up the monthly match targets and even got fancy with some of the paint jobs. He even got a nice, big tote with wheels to store them all in.

We replaced the old spools we had for the targets with some new kite reels. These are now attached to the targets and we will not be taking them off after each match. They wind up very easy and pick up was quick when we were done. I also found putting them out was easy once we got everything attached.

So thanks again to everyone that came out and helped with getting everything setup. 

Open Class:
Jennifer 28/40
   Feinwerkbau P70
   Hawke 8-32 x 56
   JSB Diablo Heavy 10.3
Kevin 28/40
   Benjamin Marauder
   Hawke 8x32
   Crossman Premier 10.2
Rick Thornhill 16/40
   Dana Model 34
   Hawke 4x12
    Assorted pellets (Rick is still trying to figure out what is the best pellet for his gun so he was trying several different types)

Hunter Class:
Mike  37/40
Don  24/40
   Diablo Exact
Clayton (Mike's grandson)  23/40