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20161112 FT Match

posted Nov 2, 2016, 11:41 AM by Paul Plauche   [ updated Dec 19, 2016, 7:47 PM ]
For those who missed the Match, we had a good turnout sixteen participants. The sun was shining on us and the temperature was in the upper 60’s when we started and mid 70’s by the finish. 
We had ten lanes set up on Belle Terre, one standing and one kneeling. Paul “dremel” Plauche and Mike Doiron set the course with a “little help from others”. Mike did such a good job painting the targets I thought we should make any face plate hit a minus 3 and a complete miss -1. But I was voted down. Everyone should write on their score card the kind of gun and model, scope and  power of scope, and brand of pellets and weight used.  

Now for the results: 

Breakbarrel: we had a tie and didn’t know it until now otherwise a shootoff would have occurred! 
1. Ron Gioe I have no Idea what gun or scope or pellets he used. 10/40 
1.1.   Kenny Altazin (Neophyte)Diana model? scope Hawke                         10/40 
2. Rick Thornhill Diana  Hawke                  8/40 

Kenny and Rick shot Rick’s gun and Rick adjusted a stock screw just before the match. He learned a very valuable lesson which I’m sure he won’t forget. Rick don’t feel like you are the only one to be  humbled by other people shooting your gun better than you. It’s happened to me and others before. Ron didn't  have a witness and I know he shot with Don Andries. Don Andries lost his score card or didn’t turn it in. But he was a winner! 

Spring Hunter  
1. Don Andries TX 200  

PCP Hunter Second Largest group of shooters 
1. Baylor Humphrey  no information 34/40 
2. Kingston Eversall Daystate Mk iv Hawke JSB         34/40 
3. Wayne Smith                 33/40 
4. Mike Doiron                 33/40 
5. Clayton Comeaux         30/40

1.Paul Dremel Plauche  Styre LG110 Sightron 10-60JSBL          36/40
Open PCP Largest group of shooters
1. Benny Lopoo  StyreLP110 NS 10-50 JSBH                                  36/40
2. Kevin McKlveen Crossman Marauder  32/40  
3.Jennifer Wylie  FWB P70FT Hawke 8-32 JSBH  28/40 
3. Frank Thomas AA  28/40 
5. Matt Gallant FX Cyclone Bushnell 8-32 JSBH  22/40 
6. Tammi Brown FWB P70FT Hawke 8-32JSBH  20/40 

Would like to thank all the participants for making the effort and hope everyone had a good time.

   We had three new shooter Tami Brown, Kenny Altazin, and Clayton Comeaux. Come back and shoot with us again. 
I promise in the next match the offhand will not be so difficult at least the short one. I think the long shot a face plate hit would put it down. There were a lot of hits on the score cards but only a few hits on the kill zone paddle. 
Hope we have as good a turnout for Dec. 10. Please put it in your calendar.

Paul Plauche,
Dec 19, 2016, 7:41 PM