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20170211 BAC Pistol Match Results

posted Feb 12, 2017, 7:52 PM by BayouAirgun Club

First off sorry I missed the matches today. I forgot to set an alarm last night and my other usual "alarm" slept late for once and when he finally woke up, I noticed it was after 8 which would have made it impossible for me to get there in time.  

Next up, results from the pistol matches. Sorry if you are getting this for a second time but it appears some folks aren't getting the emails as I know I didn't get Richard's original message.

Hello All,

Overcast skies and gusty winds straight in our faces were the order of the day for the pistol match.  Wayne's and Tammi's entire 10 meter racks were blown over once the targets were tacked down and acted as sails in the wind.  Reminder, this is an indoor Olympic sport.  We're the only ones crazy enough to do it outside!

In anticipation of the summer heat and as a trial run to keep us from frying in the afternoon sun, we shot both 10 Meter and Silhouette from the back posts, 8' behind where we normally shoot.  Consensus was that that position is much friendlier then hanging out in the sun to bake, and it gave us a nice, consistent light on our open sights by being in the shade.  Future matches will all be from that position.

We have 8 new Silhouette swinging targets that I had custom built by Quality Targets to replicate the exact dimensions of the racks that Dustin and the guys use with rifles.  I am donating these to the club, so we are no longer dependent on any other targets.  They are being stored in the clubhouse along with the 10 meter targets, so any one, at any time, can go out and practice either if you have a key (and some 10 meter targets).  This gives us a total of 7-10 Meter targets and 8 Silhouette swingers, so we can handle 15 shooters at a time.  One more 10 meter wooden frame would be nice, and the metal work for it is already there.  If anyone feels so inclined...

                              10 Meter          Silhouette       Total
Richard Harris           311                     31              342  
Wayne Smith             273                     12              285
Tammi Brown            169                       1              170

That 31 in Silhouette is a personal record for me, hitting 9 chickens, 9 pigs, and 9 rams, and I'm very thankful that I had two witnesses to verify it, and that Wayne suggested we paint the white animals orange right before the match for better visibility.  It sure helped me, thanks Wayne!

Wayne's "Ironing Board" made another appearance, and it sure seems to work well.  We'll have to get his blueprints.  

Tammi was hurting today but mounted a valiant effort and shot the whole match.  It is very apparent that she is hooked and hooked good, which by the way, most people who try it, are, hint... hint...  Carrying a pistol is so much easier than a rifle and all it's associated "stuff", and every bit as fun.  I think, more.  Tammi, we all hope you feel better and light up the course next time.

Many thanks to those who participated and helped with everything.

Since some folks are having trouble with the silhouettes (I swear Wayne, that chicken DOES NOT have an invisibility cloak, it's the turkey!), and everyone would like to improve their 10 Meter scores, I'm thinking about holding another "class" on the firing line to assist anyone in any way I can, and to hopefully coax people sitting on the fence about trying this to come out and give it a shot in a very non-judgmental way.  It would be wide open to whatever you want to go over, in particular showing you how to find your aim points in Silhouette.  If anyone would like to do this, please let me know, and we'll try to set a date that is convenient for everybody.

See Ya' Shootin',
Richard Harris