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9/9/17 Field Target Results

posted Sep 30, 2017, 7:50 PM by BayouAirgun Club
     It was beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 70’s at the start of the match. We had thirteen shooters with high hopes of revenge on the Cobra. But unfortunately,
the Cobra was faster and more deadly, than the marksman. Kenny was not allowed to go out to check any target. Bill Liebke was the only one to have a problem with a target reseting.
   There were six competitors in the PCP Hunter and the scores were very close. There were only three shooters in the Spring Hunter and it was also very competitive.There were four 
shooters in the PCP Open and not that Close. This was the second time I’ve been beaten by someone shooting my gun(and I don’t like it). I did make him shoot at fifty yards with not enough pressure to reach the target and he told me it was shooting low. I said it must need more air and I went and filled the reservoir and made the fifty yard shot. But even that wasn’t enough! Wayne Smith must not like Kevin because Wayne put Kevin the in barrel and he had to shoot with me.
   Toward the end of the match we got a gallery to watch the event. I think they were related to David, but I’m not sure. It was very nice to have spectators and they seemed to enjoy themselves.
   It seems that the Piston went home with the wrong person. Mike give the trophy back to Kenny. 
  The results are as follows:

PCP Open

1. Kevin McKleveen   Strye LG110 Sightron 10-50x60 H&N 10.65                            37/42
2.Benny Lopoo           Strye LG110 Sightron 10-50x60 H&N 10.65                            32/42
3. Frank Thomas       AA?               ?               ?              ?                                    30/42
4. Ron Gioe           ?            ?                ?              ?                                    27/42

PCP Hunter

1. David Abshire        ?                   ?               ?               ?                                    35/42
2a. Mike Doiron     ?                   ?                ?               ?                                    33/42         
2b. Bill Liebke          ?                    ?               ?              JSB 13gr.                            33/42
4. Wayne Smith       ?                   ?                ?              ?                                    31/42
5. Carl Rodenbeck      ?                  ?                 ?              ?                                    28/42
6. Carey Hymel        Daystate Huntmans Aztec E. JSBH                                    26/42

Springer Hunter

1. Kenny Altazin         ?                  ?                   ?             ?                                    31/42
2. Mike Dugas            ?                   ?                  ?             ?                                    30/42
3. Don Andries       TX 200 airman 3x12x50 aa10.3H                                    23/42

According to AAFTA went there is a target in question, everyone gets credit for all shots  on that target. Thus everyone was given the full score on the Cobra, since there were so many P’s and that is the reason some of the scores changed. It hurt some people that did good on the cobra and helped those that did poorly. 
I’m very disappointed that so many people didn’t write the type of gun, scope, and pellets they used. Some didn’t sign their score card or witness it, in a national match you would have been disqualified. Lets do better in the future.