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9/9/17 Pistol Match Results

posted Sep 30, 2017, 7:49 PM by BayouAirgun Club
As predicted, the day was spectacular, for several reasons.  One, the weather was the best we've had since April, one of those days where it just doesn't get any better; low humidity, clear skies, little wind, and pleasant temperature thanks to the cold front that whipped through here the previous week.  Second, we had a record number of participants; and third, a record number of spectators, mostly family members who came along to support their children/siblings, and it is a wonderful thing to see entire families get involved in an activity.  We thank you all for coming, participating, watching, and supporting us all.

A special thank you to Nick Guarneri and his family for their first visit.  Nick Sr. says he will shoot the next match with his son Nick Jr. who shot this one, and it turns out that his 6 year old son shoots Supported 10 Meter, and we hope to have him shoot with us next time also.  Thank you Cade, Debbie, Calvin and Lee for a return visit and for spreading the word about what we are doing here, Don for his first match in a long time, Wayne for dusting off the cobwebs, and regulars Carl and Mike who you may have noticed tied in the overall score.  I was going to suggest a shoot-off, but Mike probably would have insisted on an arm wrestle, something you definitely don't want to do with him (he's a former World Champion).

So let's take a look at what happened: 

BAC September 2017 Pistol Match Results

Olympic 10 Meter
         Name                           Gun                 Score out of 400
1. Cade Jenkins            Walther LP400                 361
2. Nick Guarneri            Walther LP400                 339
3. Calvin Domangue     Steyr LP10                       325 
4. Richard Harris           Walther LP400                 323 
5. Carl Rodenbeck        FWB P11                          286
6. Mike Dugas               IZH 46M                           284
7. Wayne Smith             IZH 46                              277
8. Lee Domangue          AA Alfa Proj                     269
9. Don Andries               IZH 46                             105  

                                                                       Score out of 40
1. Lee Domangue          AA Alfa Proj                       25
2. Richard Harris           Walther LP400                   24
3. Nick Guarneri            Walther LP400                   18
4. Wayne Smith             IZH 46                                16
5. Mike Dugas               IZH 46M                               9
6. Carl Rodenbeck        FWB P11                              7

Overall Combined 

1. Cade Jenkins             Walther LP400                  361   (Yes, he won overall, even without a silhouette score!)
2. Nick Guarneri             Walther LP400                  357
3. Richard Harris            Walther LP400                  347
4. Calvin Domangue      Steyr LP10                        325
5. Lee Domangue          AA Alfa Proj                       294
6. Carl Rodenbeck         FWB P11                           293 Tie
6. Mike Dugas                IZH 46M                            293 Tie
6. Wayne Smith              IZH 46                               293 Tie
9. Don Andries               IZH 46                               105

I have to say that we know there are a lot of other things you could have done on such a wonderful day, and we sincerely appreciate you all for choosing to spend part of it with us.  We hope you had a good time, please talk it up with your friends, and make plans now for next month!

Next match 10-14-17

See Ya' Shootin',
Richard Harris