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August 12, 2017 BAC Match

posted Aug 15, 2017, 6:49 AM by Paul Plauche
By Benny Lopoo

We had twelve shooters to show up for the match, however one of the shooters didn’t have a scope sighted in and didn’t realize he had a problem until he arrived. Frank got new mounts for his daystate, but couldn’t get enough elevation to shoot at 10 yards.Back to the drawing board for him. To change things around a little bit, I got some really old targets out, a Two headed Cobra, a Turkey, two piece alligator, and a really small bird.I explained how to score the two piece targets with a half point for each hit on the paddles. It seems that the Cobra did a lot of biting. Only three out of the eleven that shot at it got the full two points. Bill Liebke, Keven McKlveen and Carl Rodenbeck got all two points. The rest of us sucked some more than others.

        Racist Griff got a special trophy for the Hunter springer class, but he  obviously thinks Springer Hunter is Pate’ and the other classes are chopped liver.

   There were 4 in the Hunter Springer, 3 in hunter PCP, and 4 in the PCP Open. The results were as follows:

Hunter Springer

1. Kenny Altazin  TX 200 Bush 6500 JSBL                                                                 28.5/40
2. Mike Doiron       HW 97K Hawk 30 JSBL                                                                        26.5/40
3.Griff Crutti          TX 200 Bush 6-24 AAL                                                                    22/40
4. Don Andries      TX 200 Hawk 3x12 AAH                                                                        15/40

Hunter PCP

1. Bill Liebke         RAW TM 1000 Hawke 10-50 JSB 13.4                                         30.5/40
2. Carl Rodenbeck Daystate Classic Hawke JSBH                                                   25.5/40
3.Carey Hymel   Daystate Regal Aztec    JSBH                                                    17.5/40

PCP Open
1. Kevin McKlveen  Daystate MK 4 Hawke 8x32 AAH                                                 36/40  class of the match
2. Benny Lopoo      Theobin Rapid sightron 10x50 H&NH                                           27/40
3.Ron Gioe              Maximus UTG 4x16 AAH                                                            25/40 His handicap was he had to shoot with me
4. Jennifer Wylie     FWB P70 MTC 5x30 JSBH                                                             14.5/40  I forced Jennifer to squad everyone up and that obviously caused this

I know the Cobra was tough, but some people didn’t have a problem with it, but I just wanted something different. Since I’m the only one left in the club who has shot at it in the past(with about the same results). I wanted the club to revisit the past. Please don’t let the results get you down for those that had a bad day and Bill you were very lucky and we were glad to see you again.