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July 14, 2018 Field Target Club Match

posted Jul 28, 2018, 1:50 PM by BayouAirgun Club   [ updated Jul 28, 2018, 1:51 PM ]
We hosted an incredible 22 competitors for this months match, shot on our Belle Terre woods course, under the oaks. Typical south Louisiana summer humidity was in full force but the shade really helped to keep it comfortable. We shot 10 lanes, with a mix of 2 or 3 targets each for a 50 shot total. There were no elevated shots, but a nice mix of small KZ short targets and medium and long shots. Also, the mottled lighting on the lanes, combining deep shadow with streaks of bright sunlight made ranging quite tricky. 
I’d like to recognize a few people before getting into the results. First, thanks to Mike, Fred, Chris and Lee for driving in from Alexandria to compete. Super nice folks and they can shoot! We hope they join us again in the future. 
Kyla Abshire, David’s daughter, shot what I believe was her first match and finished with a 32! Incredible shooting, great job.
Our very own Wayne “lil’ sarge” Smith won PCP hunter, outclassing the competition with a 42/50. He was also kind enough to print custom labels  for members scorecards. Thanks, Wayne!
Rick Thornhill lost his damn mind and shot a 42/50, taking the Hunter Piston division. This was after dropping all 4 shots on kneeling, his first lane. Talk about shaking it off! Outstanding, Rick. BTW, the rest of us in Hunter were wondering when duck season starts for you?
Our best score of the day was posted by Brittany Truax, who shot a sparkling 43 in Open PCP. We can only assume that the years of having to tune out her dad have developed her powers of concentration. Proud of you, Brittany.
Last, and certainly not least, I can’t say enough about the job our members did during the week to clear lanes, prep targets and set out the course. The hard work was already done when Saturday morning rolled around, which took a bunch of pressure off of yours truly. Thanks to all you guys, just a great job.

 Wonderful match, everybody.


Brittany Truax: 43/50, RAW TM1000, Hawke Sidewinder 10-50, JSB 10.3
Ron Gioe: 26/50, Benjamin Maximus, TAC Vector, AA 10.3

Hunter PCP
Wayne Smith: 42/50, Daystate Regal XL, Hawke 8-32, JSB 13.4
David Abshire: 40/50, MROD .22, BSA 4-14, JSB 13.4
Carey Hymel: 39/50, Daystate Regal XL, Aztec Emerald 5.5-25, JSB 13.4
Casey Rabelais: 38/50, FX Streamline, 4-16, JSB 15
Carl Rodenbeck: 36/50, Daystate Huntsman, Hawke 4-16, JSB 10.3
Kingston Eversall: 36/50, Styer, Hawke 4.5-14, JSB 10.3
Mike Barham: 34/50, AA S200, SWFA 3-15, HN 8.64
Kyla Abshire: 32/50, Gamo Urban, UTG 4-16, JSB 15.89
Mike Dugas: 31/50, Daystate Airwolf, Millett 4-16, JSB 10.34
Lee Bassett: 21/50, AA S200, Weaver 4-16, AA 8.4
Jimmy Mayeaux: 18/50, Marauder, UTG 4-16, JSB 13.4

Hunter Piston
Rick Thornhill: 42/50, TX200, Hawke 4-12, JSB 8.44
Griff Crutti: 41/50, TX200, Bush 6-24, AA 8.44
Kenny Altazin: 35/50, TX200, Hawke, HN 8.6
Fred Fielder: 31/50, TX200, Hawke 3-9, CPL
Mike Kleinpeter: 30/50, Diana RWS 48, Hawke 4-12, JSB 10.34
Don Andries: 27/50, TX200, Hawke 4-16, JSB 8.44
Chris Bassett: 26/50, HW97, SWFA, FTT 8.64
Lee Domangue: 24/50, TX200, Vortex 6-18, JSB 8.44
Randy Lee: 7/50, 3-9, Crossman